How to make a follower

To make a follower, watch this very simple video guide on how to make your very own.

Now after watching this guide, this image will show you have to properly export facegen data so that you follower won't have miss matched skin or any errors on the face.

Finally, if you want to go more in depth with your follower, watch Bagserk's video guide on how to make a very own custom and standalone follower.


If you want to give your follower a custom voice or add voices to the CK, check out this link.  It has an in-depth 11 page tutorial on how to do it!

And if you want to learn how to make your followers ride mounts then just read this little picture guide made by our very own Trainwiz!

Click on the picture of the full image.

Click on the picture of the full image.

If you use ECE, here's a guide to export faces!

Have fun!

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