Husbando Modding

updated June 7th 2016

So, you wanna learn how to make a hand sum husbando eh??? Well you've come to the right place. This guide will show you what mods to get to make a good looking husbando.  This quick guide was made by one generous anonymous poster who took the time to find these mods! I had nothing to do with this guide. -Guardly


Before we begin, I must tell you to read the waifu guide first to grab a which slider mod you wish to use and hairs. Many of the hair packs in that guide also work for males which is pretty weird. In any case we're gonna start out with some body meshes.

SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim

Uhhh... yeah. This mod allows you to customize and dynamically enhance your dick. I'm fucking serious. I don't want to get into too much detail so uhh.. just go on and check the mod page if you're really interested. Oh, and your junk is animated and has physics so uhhh..... go have fun with that.

Better Males

These are the only good body replaces there are right now. A higher quality body mesh with high quality textures to go along with it. There are 2 options for bodies, one is made by Sundracon and the other by FavoredSoul. It's up to you which one you want to use. Both come with nude and underwear versions just so you know. They also come with a few different face textures as well.
Now like female texture mods, the textures must be compatible with the body or else it's not gonna look good or it will look glitched. Here are a free body mods, these usually do not come with faces.

Smooth Male Body

Hairier Male Texture

Face Textures

Face Textures

Now comes the strange part, male face and body textures usually don't cause clipping or have seems so you can customize the body and face with different textures and still look presentable.

High Res Face Maps

Probably the oldest and one the most used male face mods out there. It's simple and it comes with some really good normal maps to make your face less blocky.

Fine Face Textures

You wanna give every man a baby face? Then this texture pack is for you; you crazy bastard!

Realistic Male Face

Also known as DCE. This is sort of a combination between the first 2 face textures. Making faces firm but gritty and more like young men instead of babies.

Skysight Skins

New ultra high detailed textures for males. Includes face and body textures with options for chest hair.
And for beast races...


Finally, we have a bunch of extra mods that we recommend you use.  Things like high quality warpaint and eyebrows can really make a difference.  Also, if you want high quality facepaint to work, you must type this into the SKSE.ini file which should be in /skyrim/data/skse.  If you don't have a SKSE.ini, make one and add this line:
Unfortunatly, there's not a lot of male hairs out there that are actually good. Hair Variety Plus is probably the only one that has some decent looking male hairstyles. Kijiko Hair has some good ones but it's mostly just anime hairstyles.

Hair Variety Plus

Adds a range of new hais that are meant to mimic the vanilla style.  4 male hairs and 4 female hairs are in this mod.  Perfect for anyone who wants a simple character.

Kijiko Male Hair 

Adds 16 hairstyles that were imported from Sims 3 mods. Most of the are anime styles however, so this hair pack might not be for everyone.