Unrecommended Mods

A list of mods that you should NOT use with a list of reasons and alternative mods to go with it.

Better Females by Bellas

Really ugly.  Someone actually wrote a whole guide on how it's bad. Click on the Bellas face to get a link!
Alternatives: Any other female texture pack

Monster Mod

Unbalanced, poor quality, and uses many stolen game assets.
Alternatives: Immersive Creatures


Bad lighting compatiblilty, poor lighting placement, and causes save bloat.
Alternatives: Lanterns all in one


Bloat, bloat, bloat, and bloat.
Alternatives: Immersive Patrols

Fabulous Followers

Just fucking looks at them, they're aliens!
Alternatives: ALIENS

Elewin Erotic Voice 

Oh god this voice is terrible why would someone make this.
Alternatives: Just use the vanilla voice...

Epic Elves

Crosseyed sarah jessica parker
Alternatives: Anything..everything.

Tamriel Reloaded

Poor quality textures that were stretched out to look good...which they don't.
Alternatives: Skyrim HD-2k Textures

Gary's Real Mare Horses 

I'm going to vomit...
Alternatives: A therapist.

Civil War Overhaul

Old, and can possibly destroy your game because of all the shit going on.
Alternatives: Nothing really... vanilla?