Waifu Modding

updated May 6th, 2015

So, you wanna learn how to make a qt wayfu??? Well you've come to the right place. This guide will show you what mods to get to make a good looking waifu. This quick guide was made by a few generous anonymous posters who took the time to find these mods! I had nothing to do with this guide. -Guardly


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The first thing you gotta do is get a good character creation mod.  There are two you can use.  Either choose ECE or Racemenu
Enhanced Character Edit is a mod that adds 40 new sliders to edit your character with such iris size, dimple depth, nostril size, and many more!  It also adds new color sliders, zoom in/out feature for the camera, and a save and load feature.
This save and load feature is used to save facemorph information
so you can make new characters with an old face or even make your own presets for future characters.
This also changes face meshes for both males and females.
RaceMenu is a redesign of the original character generator.  It changes the menus to a neater and nicer looking SkyUI style.  Like SkyUI, it also adds a search bar. 
A new warpaint feature is also added which gives you more color options and allows you to have more than one piece of warpaint on your face. This mod also adds extra sliders but only for the body.  The sliders effect how big a part of the body is like head, arms, legs, and yes even butt size.  This does not  add new face sliders. HOWEVER with the newest update to Racemenu, you can now manually edit the faces vertices however you want with the new sculpt mode. These changes can be saved as presets to be used for later characters. So now in terms of what both character creation mods can do now, they're evenly matched for now!
OPTIONAL: Ethereal Elven Overhaul revamps all three of the playable elf races. It alters facial features, changes face morphs, and adds new facepaint to make elves look more appealing but still give them that "elven" look.  It also overhauls all vanilla elf NPCs to the new Ethereal style, but not ones from any of the DLCs. The author said that a patch will be released soon. 
This mod is compatible with both CBBE and UNP body mods.  This is not compatible with ECE and CharGen Extension to a certain extent. When using any of these mods with EEO, elves will not be affected my the new morphs added by ECE but with the morphs from EEO.  Any extra menu options not added by EEO will appear, but they will do nothing or be incompatible.  This works with RaceMenu fine, since RaceMenu doesn't fiddle with facemorphs.



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Hair is probably the second most important part to making someone look good. You can use any you like but FIRST, you'll need theses mods. These are basically required if you want to play the game properly and not crash all the time.

Precache Killer

This is a godsend of a mod.  It keeps the game from CTD when you use showracemenu or when you have too many hair mods installed at once. So now you can use all those high-res warpaints and over 200 hairs without having the game explode! This is REALLY important if you're gonna use all of these hair mods and take your time making a character!

Superior Lore-Friendly Hair

ALSO TO CONSIDER .  This is a retexture mod for vanilla hairs.  It makes the hairs look more real and fixes some normal map issues with the vanilla ones.  

Apachii SkyHair

A collection of hairs converted from The Sims, Oblivon and   The Witcher 2.  They come in all sorts of different styles for males and females.  There are some good hairs but many of them look out of place or bad.  If you do decide to use this mod, we also suggest getting this mod too.

Natural Retexture

If you do decide to use Apachii hairs, we also suggest getting this mod too.
This is a total retexture project for all of the Apachii hairs. Instead of having gloss and perfect sheen on hairs, you get the original rugged feeling of the vanilla hairs, except these new textures are high-res.

Better Vanilla Hairs

A mesh replacement for hairs.   
This replaces 3 female hairs and 2 male hairs with cleaner and better looking meshes. 

Hair Variety Plus

Adds a range of new hais that are meant to mimic the vanilla style.  4 male hairs and 4 female hairs are in this mod.  Perfect for anyone who wants a simple character.

Ponytail Hairstyles

As the name says, this mod adds a few ponytail hairstyles for both males and females.  Some of the hairs are even based off of the new Tomb Raider game.
There was a retexture for the ponytails but now it's not on the nexus anymore. So a friend of ours has reuploaded it! Thanks Bonapart!

Morten Hairs

These hair packs adds a wide variety of hairs from fantasy elven styles to afros all converted from The Sims 3.  Most of these hairs are for people who just want to joke around or don't mind having a bunch of over the top hairs.  However, some of the new hairs can be plausible for a "lore-friendly" character.

SG Hair Pack

Yet another collection of hairs.  This mod WAS broken down into six ESPs and 1 ESM, but now has been reduced to just one of each that total up to 220 new hairstyles ported from The Sims. There's bound to be something you will like in this pack! This is where the precache killer we told you to add is useful. DON'T TELL ANYONE WE HAVE THIS. I'M LOOKING AT YOU REDDIT.

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Lovely Hairstyles

A simple hair mod that feature some lore-friendly hairstyles, so know this from start, you won't find any anime/super fantasy hairstyles here. These hairs are suppose to fit in Skyrim world, bringing some small immersion over your character. Although, most of these hairs are just ports fro The Witcher 2 with a few edits here and there!

Lore Styles hair set

This is a hairpack that contains 6 NEW female hairs.  These were not ported from any other game and were made by the author. These styles are perfect for a lore friendly character, but the textures might clash with the rest of the game.

Oblivion Hair Pack

Oblivion Hair Pack adds an enormous amount of modded and ported hairs from Oblivion to Skyrim.  It comes with a wide variety of female hairs, but it does have its own section for males as well.  Many look out of place or just plain goofey, but there are a few gems to dig up.  Be warned though some of the hair textures look really bad or really broken.

Numenume Hair

This is standalone mod that adds a bunch of anime hairstyles for females only.  This is for people who don't really care about consistency with the world around them and just wanna got nuts!

Fallout Hair Pack

Same as the Oblivion Hair pack except with hairs ported from Fallout 3 mods which were probably ported from Sims 2 mods.


Female hairs from Nuska's resource pack that are now able to used!

KS Hairdo

This hair pack offers A LOT of hairstyles for both male and female characters! Not much else to say.


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Now we come to a crossroad on this guide.  There are 2 main bodies that you can use.  Each with there own compatiblities, armors, and textures.  You can only choose one.

Calientes Female Body Mod- CBBE

One of skyrim's very first body mods. This body mod focuses on  breast and ass.   This also has better compatiblilty with physics mods but we'll come to that later. Also comes with bodyslide which allows you to customize the body any way you wish.

Body variants for CBBE

- More petite version of cbbe. Breast greatly reduced, smaller butt, and thinner limbs.
- Version of CBBE featuring a bigger more finely shaped ass, thighs and hips.


Mod for more petite and natural looking women. Much smaller in frame when compared to cbbe.  Unlike CBBE, UNP has more UNP armors and UNP varients that are equally customizable. This also has a bodyslide made by fans but doesn't have near the amount of customization.

Body variants for UNP

UNP Skinny
- An even more skinnier and more petite version of unp.
- Unp body with bigger breasts. Supports BBP and TBBP
- A more curvacious body mod for unp users made by HaloFarm!

High Poly Feet and Hands

UNP bodytypes only! For better looking feet and hands, use this! These new high poly meshes are excellent for screenshot taking but if you have a low end computer, you probably don't want to get this.
Here are some nice and unique textures you can use!  Click on the image to go to the mod page and check out more of there screenshots and comments. REMEMBER to choose the textures that are compatible with the body YOU chose.  So if you're using a UNP, UNPB, or UNPC body, use UNP textures.  We do NOT recommend the use of  >bellas

BI Phenotypes

Adds numerous scars and wounds to make your warrior, mage, and archer feel like a real battle hungry veteran!

SG Female

Not too realistic and not too fake.  The perfect even ground for great looking females.  Whether it be a young adventurer or an elderly sorcerer.

Mature Skin

A really gritty and realistic texture pack.  Filled with lots of dirt and realistic facial features. There's also several different options for muscles, hair, and makeup,

Realistic Girls

Although it's still a WIP, this is the highest quality face and body texture to date.  Be advised, this will rape low-end computers.

LFF Body Textures

Mature skins predecessor.  This adds even more gritty detail to make even the women of Skyrim bleak and war torn.

Univision Face

A Japanese texture for very doll like females.  This is mainly up for player preference, but it's also good if you're trying to make children.


One of the first and simplest texture packs.  It's good for people who don't want anything flashy.  Just remember to pick varient 4.

HV Skin Suite

A collection of skin textures and skin resources by HoneyVanity. Which also sorta includes the old Barbarian skin textures.

Mega Milkdrinker

High quality, uncompressed, seamless texture mix. Originally created for Xidix, the MEGA MILKDRINKER package has been built for versatility, so don’t expect built in abs or anything like that. These are just diffuses, so mix and match with your favorite speculars and normalmaps.

Fitness Body

A normal map texture pack that aims for chiseled and smooth abs with multiple options for your choosing.

Battle Hardened

A much more compatible muscle map mod that aims for more realistic tones muscles.

Abyssal Dremora

An evil looking texture pack made for custom races.  Comes with 3 female dremora variants in red, violet, and green.

True Daughters of Skyrim

A realistic body texture which looks like a combination of Mature Skin and BI Phenotypes
And for beast races...


A must have for anyone.  Improves the Khajiit textures for both male and females with new high quality textures that really make fur pop out.


aka Forgotten Argonian Roots. It's a new texture mod for argonians which comes with a massive amount of customization and compatiblity options. All bodytypes are accounted for.

Ohmes-Raht Pack

A khajiit like textures mod to make the Ohmes-Raht race that are sort of a hybrid between human and khajiit. Like the Abyssal Dremora, this is only textures and you'll need to use these textures for a custom race mod.

Feminine Khajiit Textures

New textures for female Khajiits. For both UNP and CBBE bodies. It also comes with an extra varient that adds six niples if you're in to that sort of thing...

Feminine Argonian Textures

New textures for female Argonains. For both UNP and CBBE bodies. It also comes with an extra varient that adds Chameleon colors or even extra scales.

Drachis Argonians 

Now supports CBBE and UNP! For that badass dragon look, but for women.


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Finally, we have a bunch of extra mods that we recommend you use.  Things like high quality warpaint and eyebrows can really make a difference.  Also, if you want high quality facepaint to work, you must type this into the SKSE.ini file which should be in /skyrim/data/SKSE.  If you don't have a SKSE.ini, make one and add this line:
These are not all warpaints, keep scrolling down for makeup, eyebrows, scars, and eye mods.


We hope you enjoyed this guide and learned something from it!  
If you have any problems or concerns for this guide OR if you want to suggest a mod to add to this guide, don't forget to give us feedback!
You can contact us via the sites very own contact button or through Steam!