updated July 16th, 2018

From camps to mansions and from castles to caravans, there's some modder out there who made something you'll like to live in! You don't have to download all of these, we're just trying to give you guys some options since the vanilla houses are pretty bland and lack variety.
During the Golden Age of /tesg/, there was a man named Basil. Basil was one of the greatest things to ever happen to us. He was a modder, a magic man, and an all around good guy; which is sort of rare for us. He was the one who first started the whole adventure thing and story telling in the threads, which inspired a lot of people to come and contribute. He liked waifus and he liked lore, this was one of the origins of "Waifus and Lore living in harmony". The last we heard of him was around Spring of 2012. He said he was going to combine all of his caravan mods into one big mod package, but never heard from him ever again and the caravan pack was never released. We don't know what happend to him, but we miss him. Here are some of his caravan mods. They are all stationary camps with a lot of imagination put into them. We hope you enjoy them.

Basil's Caravan Homes

Falkreath Hold

Haafingar Hold

Hjaalmarch Hold

The Pale Hold

The Reach Hold

The Rift Hold


Whiterun Hold


Eastmarch Hold