Armor Graphics

updated April 17th, 2019

This section is dedicated to making your armors look better and feel more in place in your high end graphical world. Why split up the graphic pages like this you ask? Well, the graphics page was getting very crowded and something needed to be done.
In this section, we will discuss:
-Armor Overhauls
-Heavy Armor
-Light Armor
-Clothes and Robes

Texture Overhauls

These mods are MASSIVE texture packs that hold many refurbished, redone, and even reimagined textures. Here we have listed the best overhauls to start off with. You can customize and switch between textures to find the best looking one's that fit your taste. Don't forget that these are just general texture packs. If you want the BEST results don't use the official 2k textures by Bethesda.
And here are some notable texture authors that either make random textures with no rhyme or reason and are not all in one pack or download link. It's recommended you download all of their works but it's not necessary.
These are non-specific collections of mods that you can use to customize your game. You can interchange these textures to make the game the way you want it to. Now for even better looking textures, you gonna have to get some specific overhauls that work on one or two aspects of the game itself.

Heavy and Light Armor

Clothes and Robes


Tips and Tricks.
As you gear up your game with the armors listed, you'll find that most of these are merge friendly but be careful as some involve quests to obtain the armors. Don't go merging quest mods unless you know what you are doing.
Don't think you are done, you still need WEAPONS right? One last page to go, citizen!
PS. Don't forget to rerun your bashed patch if the mods add to the level lists.