updated March 4th, 2020

Well my friends, we're at the final last steps of this guide. Here we have a full out list of armor mods. We'll only give real descriptions to overhauls from now on. The rest of the standalone armors are for you to decide now. See what interests you and click on it to learn more. Most of the trinket mods are under Immersion so if you didn't check that guide out, do it now!
In this section, we will discuss:
-Armor Overhauls
-Heavy Armor
-Light Armor
-Clothes and Robes
-Slut Wear
-Vanilla Edits
-Ports from other games


Overhaul mods that are essential to anyone who wants better looking models, more variety, and stuff that fits the vanilla game. We recommend you get all of these mods.

Immersive Armors V7

After a long wait, Immersive Armors now has MCM. So basically, this mod is a collection of armor mods that were made by Hothtrooper and other various authors. These armors have been added to the leveled lists and crafting tables for you to obtain. However, some people didn't like most of the armors that came with the mod so they didn't find this huge overhaul worth their time. BUT NOW with MCM, they can enable and disable armors from the game at anytime! So now you can use whatever armors from the mod you want without seeing or using the one's you don't like. Oh, and there is PLENTY of new shields varients and even a new shield customizer you can use the the Skyforge.

Bonemold Expanded

This is a mod that adds more pieces of Bonemold armor reminiscent to the Dunmer houses in Morrowind. They can be found in loot lists and on guards around Solstheim.
Everything past this is totally optional and it is up to you to choose what you want in your game; good luck!

Heavy Armor


Light Armor


Clothes and Robes


Slut Wear


Vanilla Edits



Tips and Tricks.
As you gear up your game with the armors listed, you'll find that most of these are merge friendly but be careful as some involve quests to obtain the armors. Don't go merging quest mods unless you know what you are doing.
Don't think you are done, you still need WEAPONS right? One last page to go, citizen!
PS. Don't forget to rerun your bashed patch if the mods add to the level lists.