updated 2020

The only reason why I'm making this page is at request from an Aussie and I guess it is kinda overdue since animations are kinda wanted for posing and replacing the sorry excuse of animations bethesda gave us. (Did they get some kid from a special school to model?) Obviously, all these mods are going have you need FNIS.
                                                                                            -Under construction-


Right Handed

Right Handed Hunting Rifle
Completely new animations, 1st and 3rd person.
Update V1.2 is out, new sounds, tweaked animations.
Right-handed Nukaworld AK Replacer
Flips the charging handle on the Handmade Rifle to the right side. Custom animations and sounds included.
Right-handed Far Harbor Lever Action Rep
New animations and flipped mesh for the Far Harbor Lever Action Rifle. Download the Ammo Counted Reload Patch
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Animation Replacer

Battlefield 1 Animation Pack - Deliverer
This mod adds a custom Battlefield 1 Animation Pack for the vanilla Deliverer.
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