updated 2020

Let's face it, Fallout 4's gameplay (except gunplay) sucks. Time to hopefully fix this issue.
In this section, we will discuss:
-General Fixes
-Skills and Perks
-Items and Loot
-Miscellaneous Gameplay mods

General Fixes

Some pretty basic mods that fix or change a lot of issues that vanilla Fallout 4 had. You don't have to use them all but it is recommended.


Fallout 4 has better gunplay and that's really one of its best selling points. However, it still suffers from the usual health sponge enemies that really hamper gameplay. Shoot a guy in the head with a .308 rifle and the guy is still charging you? How?
Imagine how I felt popping a guy with a .50 and he still smacked my cheeks. Hopefully, with this mod in your order. It can fix a lot of these issues. 
Choose Just one or don't.
Better Locational Damage.jpg

[ Better Locational Damage ]

Most realistic damage overhaul you'll find on the whole nexus. Promised.
Features: Scripted headshots, scripted dismemberment, bleedings, stagger, stab your enemies from behind, Shotgun knockback and more! Balanced melee and range combat. Settings holotape available to tweak features to your liking or completely disable them!
Unbogus Fallout Overhaul.png

[ Unbogus Fallout Overhaul ]

An extensive overhaul that touches upon almost every aspect of the game which aims to make the game more fun, challenging in a good way and varied while rewarding skill and tactics.
If you don't want "one size fits all" overhauls like above or you want to add on. You can pick and choose from here. Beware as usual to read, read, read to not have mods that overlap and conflict. Please read.


Some pretty basic mods that change a lot of the perks that vanilla Fallout 4 has. You don't have to use them all but it is recommended.

LevelUpMenuEx mods

LevelupMenuEx takes away that locked in perk screen in Fallout 4 and makes it more in line what 3 and New Vegas had. A simple pop up with special boosting and picking perks. 
Patches for the up above.
Here is where the fun begins.  Since these overhaul mods are mostly modular, you can pick and choose what features to use. MCM is an amazing tool for customization and options.

Items and Loot

These mods add new types of items or item features to Skyrim. Some of these mods even edit loot tables to change how loot drops work and even how item spawning works.


Crafting this time around was really fleshed out but there are some problems. These mods will make these rushed features even better and maybe even change the way they work all together! 


This section can be totally skipped since all of these mods are really optional. They don't fix anything, but they add new features to the game that you might like.  Try one out and see for yourself!


Q: Why isn't this or that mod in the guide?
A: This guide was made specifically so that all or atleast most of the contents on this page will work together without any compatibility issues unless notified on the mod page or stated here.
Q: Will you be adding more to these guides?
A: Of course!  We'll try to keep all the guides up to date and will notify everyone if something has changed or has been added on. We also accept submissions if the mod is good enough!