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updated April 30th, 2019

For a 2015 game, it doesn't really look it. The game looks already dated when it was released back in 2015. I think Bethesda wanted to throw out a game for quick cash. You can see it evident in some cases like the HD pack released by Bethesda is filled with duplicates and upscaled unoptimized terrible textures. The game has issues that a lot of it looks blurry for a while. What causes this? I don't know. Maybe the game can't handle higher resolution textures unlike Skyrim.
In this section, we will discuss:
-Base Texture Packs

Before we begin...

This is not the BEST guide to having the BEST looking game. This is just a LIST of mods that will make your game look better and not a step by step modding process. The guide can be confusing for beginners because of all of the textures, meshes, and in which order you install them. We recommend you fiddle around with some of these mods first to understand the basics. 
If you read the Essentials guide (as you should have) it says that you should get an ENB. If you haven't gotten an ENB or read the ENB page, you should do that now before moving on. 
Mods for NPCs and characters are located in the Waifu and Husbando guides and are NOT in this one.
This might seem out of place, but we also recommend you to check out Hodilton's channel. He showcases many mods and ENBs. but what seperates him from every other person who does this is that his rig is AMAZING and it shows in his videos. He has one of the BEST looking modded Skyrim games out there and his videos will help find you new mods and give you inspiration to make your game look as good as his!

Base Texture Packs

First off, I use these as a base. They are not great, but it's better than vanilla and covers things that haven't been otherwise covered.
The next retexture packs are a lot better.  I kind of pick and choose what I prefer from these.  They are made from scratch and have before and after pictures, so you can see the difference.  The packs by luxor are my favorites.  I let his override almost everything.


I don't think Vivid Fallout is the best, but I use it as a base since it covers pretty much everything.  FWO and Vivid Waters are a lot more than just textures. 

Clothing and Armor

Clothing and Armor retextures are REALLY LACKING in Fallout 4.  No Book of Silence or anyone like FrankFamily, sadly.  Some of these aren't great and it's debatable if they are better than vanilla, but take a look for yourself.  If you use Real Leather HD, use the less shiny version.


What do these two things have in common? Nothing really, I just didn't know where to put them.

Caves and Terrain

And rocks I guess. I couldn't fit the rest in the title.

City Textures

Textures for specific cities and holds, as well as specific landmarks related to these cities. There are plenty of different packs for you to look at and mix and match with.


Mods that improve the map screen or overhaul it all together.


Q: Why isn't this or that mod in the guide?
A: This guide was made specifically so that all or atleast most of the contents on this page will work together without any compatiblity issues unless notified on the mod page.
Q: What happend to No Stretching?
A: The fixes are already included in SMIM. Use that instead of No Stretching so that the meshes don't conflict with eachother.
Q: Will you be adding more to these guides?
A: Of course!  We'll try to keep all the guides up to date and will notify everyone if something has changed or has been added on. We also accept submissions if the mod is good enough!