Fallout 4 Modding Guide

updated June 23rd, 2016

Presented by: "The /fog/ots"
Be advised that this is a really bare bone guide that goes over the basis of modding Fallout 4. We will be adding more soon!
In this guide, we will discuss:
-User Interface
-Thread Resources/Mod Lists
-Settlements (May cause stability issues)
-Fun Mods

Thread Resources/ Mod Lists

More Stalker/Survival Overhaul - Make your game more of a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. experience.
CBBE and Outfit Studio - Use this for making big butts like all the other cool kids have. Outfit Studio allows you to convert outfits to fit your new and wildly exaggerated proportions.


Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource overhauls the naming system for weapons to allow for versatility when adding weapons to the game. This is currently the most consistently updated community resource for weapon modding, it has also almost gotten to the point where there is an AWKCR patch for every weapon and armor mod on the market.
Standalone Weapons
This complements AWKCR which allows for all these modded weapons to be added to leveled lists similar to LOOT, except the mod author of this patch made it extremely easy to allow compatibility to all of the modded weapons you could ever want. If you have multiple weapon mods that edit loot tables that may overwrite other mods, then this is the mod for you!
Armorsmith Extended
Adds upgrades to every armor outfit in the game; also includes accessories so the Fedora, Trench Coat, and Katana can be equipped - guaranteed to make things less personnel, kid.
Water Puts Out Fires
On fire? Now you can jump in the water to not burn to death!
Alternate Ammunition
Miss swapping ammunition from Fallout: New Vegas? This mod adds a bit of variety to guns using an object easily added to your favorites.
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Lots More Male Hairstyles
This mod “adds” many more hairstyles for both male characters - they’re basically vanilla hairstyles mashed together into more unique hairstyles. Some are terrible, but many look pretty good.
Lots More Facial Hair
The facial hair variant of the “More Hair Styles” mods - combinations of vanilla facial hairs that may be exactly what you were looking for.
Lots More Female Hairstyles
The female variant of the “More Male Hairstyles” mod. Mashups of vanilla hairstyles to create more unique hairstyles.
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Legendary Modification
Allows you to make real overpowered guns because reasons… has varying difficulty levels because reasons.
*Also includes even more overpowered double legendary alternatives.*
Craftable Armor Size
Get Heavy Armor without the struggle of searching for it all over the wasteland.
Raider Overhaul WIP
Adds better gear to raiders so you have an excuse to wear their things, but may be a bit overpowered early on. Good for attempting to roleplay as a raider as levels get higher without using crap gear.
Craftable Custom Armor –STANDALONE-
This mod focuses on the unexplored textures for Combat Armor - Adds camouflage, many unique and interesting patterns, as well as all of your favorite memefaces to epic-troll all of your internet friends through screenshots.
CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics
Adds Cybernetics to the game which means you can finally live your childhood fantasy of being Robo-Cop!
CROSS Jetpack
Fly around wearing a jet pack without all that pesky Power Armor. I’d suggest getting the Cross Pre-War Cybernetics to lessen or negate falling damage, or you’ll find out the hard way.
Like RaceMenu from Skyrim, but for Fallout 4.
Crafting Workbenches
Adds new workbenches where you can craft ammo and other items.
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Campsite - Simple Wasteland Camping
Be the boy scout your Dad wanted you to be, but without the risks of actually going outside!
You no longer have to fall asleep to save within survival. That’s right - you can finally save your progress without scrambling for a mattress in the middle of nowhere, or taking a nap before you fight the big-bad while your companions watch you in confusion.
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Settlements: (May cause Stability Issues)

Better Settlers
It makes Settlers better. Like what the title says. Also has an optional patch for Only Female Settlers for added diversity in your Fallout 4.
Don't Call Me Settler
Rename your settlers so they’re more memorable when you send them off to wade through irradiated waters towards Spectacle Island and never see them again.
Basement Living
Live in a basement just like in real life!
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements
(May Cause Stability Issues)
Adds navmeshed objects to spruce up your bootleg Sims game.
ESP ONLY - Infinite Settlement Budget
Feel held back by limitations? Now you can get rid of them and watch your CPU melt before your eyes!
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Deathclaws Remastered
Makes Deathclaws look more deadly and detailed than normal.
Better Handmade Weapon Textures
Makes the pipe guns less vibrant and orange, so now they don't look like blocks of old cheese anymore.
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The Radio feature in Fallout 4 has been a feature in the Fallout Franchise since Fallout 3. However one thing that many of the fans complained about was the lack of options and genres of music being represented in the game and its lack of atmosphere. This mod adds over a dozen radio station with multitudes of themes that are not usually seen in the Fallout Universe. All stations use resources that are in the public domain so the chances of the mod being taken down is close to none.
More Where That Came From
This mod adds over 100 tracks to Diamond City Radio, and acts as an addition to the station rather than a Standalone mod. This features countless hours on content in addition to that you also gain the ability to enjoy more music from the Cold War, such as West of the Wall, and We’ll Meet Again. Thankfully the mod author does update the mod periodically for bug fixes and what not.
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Ransacked Relays and Shuddersome Subways
Trainwiz graces us with a mod that shows off the versatility of the new creation kit. It includes two dungeons, a very well done boss fight, and epic loot.
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Crossbows of the Commonwealth
Use a crossbow in a post-apocalyptic wasteland like a certain backwoods hick from a popular series. Makes good use of vanilla animations, all things considered.
Modular Simonov PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle
Imagine you wake up; go to your gun cabinet, and decide today is the day you’re going to hunt some deathclaw or mirelurk queen. Now imagine for a second you are on a safari, you can’t kill an elephant with a pea-shooter. You need a man’s gun, and what better way to express your manhood, then overcompensating with a 14.5mm Anti-Tank Rifle. With over a dozen different receivers capable of killing anything short of a Mirelurk Queen in one hit.
Walther P99
It’s a modern gun in your Fallout game, but with some work put into it so it looks and functions well. Comes with a variety of mods to spice things up. One of the better pistol mods on the Nexus so far.
A scratch-made weapon styled after the WW2 STEN gun modified to work with the Pipe Gun animations. Hopefully this will be the new standard for weapons - tons of modifications each with their own model.
R91 Standalone Assault Rifle
The very first weapon mod submitted to the Nexus - An FAL dumped into Fallout 4 with a large amount of available modifications include texture swaps, ammunition types, and all that’s expected from a weapon in Fallout 4.
Modular Kalash Assault Rifle
A highly modular AK mod that actually isn’t half bad. The model is mirrored to fit the vanilla animations, which may take a bit to get used to, but otherwise it fits the game very well and is quite a balanced addition.
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Fun Mods

Ooh Yea Idiot Savant Replacer
NOTHING MEANS NOTHING MAN. I'm talking about all the way the way to the top, yeah. Unjustifiably in a position that rather not be in, but the CREAM will rise to the top, oh yeah.
Atom Bomb Baby
Shoot a “Little Boy” out of your “Fat Man.”
Complete Breakfast
Makes Kellog part of a complete breakfast.
*Cannibalism perk recommended*
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