Waifu Modding

So, you wanna learn how to make a qt wayfu??? Well you've come to the right place. This guide will show you what mods to get to make a good looking waifu. This quick guide was made by a few generous anonymous posters who took the time to find these mods! I had nothing to do with this guide. -Guardly

updated March 10th, 2019


The first thing you gotta do is get a good character creation mod.  
Looksmenu adds engine modifications to improve character creation because you can never have more customization. Get the next one
Fallout 4 Screenshot 2019.01.15 - 23.01.
Looks Menu Customization Compendium adds hundreds of new options to customize your character such as face paint, tattoos, scars, makeup, brows, haircolors, etc~!
You need this if you truly make some husbandos and waifus.


Hair is probably the second most important part to making someone look good. You can use any you like but FIRST, you'll need theses mods. These are basically required if you want to play the game properly and not crash all the time.


Now we come to a crossroad on this guide.  There are several body mods that you can use.  Each with there own compatibilities, armors, and textures.  You can only choose one.


Mod for more petite and natural looking women. Much smaller in frame when compared to cbbe.  Unlike CBBE, UNP has more UNP armors and UNP varients that are equally customizable. This also has a bodyslide made by fans but doesn't have near the amount of customization.

Body variants for UNP

- An even more skinnier and more petite version of unp.
- Unp body with bigger breasts. Supports BBP and TBBP
- A more curvacious body mod for unp users made by HaloFarm!
- Unp body that is customizable to your liking. Can use the outfit studio like you could with CBBE. Best in my opinion.

Calientes Female Body Mod- CBBE

One of skyrim's very first body mods. This body mod focuses on  breast and ass.   This also has better compatiblilty with physics mods but we'll come to that later. Also comes with bodyslide which allows you to customize the body any way you wish.

Body variants for CBBE

- More petite version of cbbe. Breast greatly reduced, smaller butt, and thinner limbs.
- Version of CBBE featuring a bigger more finely shaped BUTT, thighs and hips.
Here are some nice and unique textures you can use!  Click on the image to go to the mod page and check out more of there screenshots and comments. REMEMBER to choose the textures that are compatible with the body YOU chose.  So if you're using a UNP, UNPB, or UNPC body, use UNP textures.  We do NOT recommend the use of  >bellas
And for beast races...