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Hint: Ctrl F is your friend and so is using a search engine!
Also, do not ask dumb questions in the threads. They won't give you the right answer.


 Q: Can my computer run Skyrim?

A: I dunno, can it?

 Q: I want to show the thread all of the mods I have  installed, what should I do to not flood the post box?

A: Whenever you're going to post your mod list in the threads, always remember to use Pastebin. It's the easiest way for you to post your list and the easiest way for the thread to look at it; rather than posting an image of your mod list. After reading, they will then tear your list apart with their criticism because you're either using a mod that sucks, using unnecessary patches and ESPs, or have a mod that's in the wrong place in your load order.

 Q: Can I run pirated DLC with a bought copy of Skyrim?

A: Yes you can.  Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn can all be pirated and work with a legitmate copy of Skyrim on Steam.  You will not get in trouble with Steam for it and you can still get achievements.  For now at least.

 Q: Someone in the thread recommended me a mod list  and I'm not sure if it's good or not...

A: Does it contain two or more of the following mods: SkyRe/Requiem, Better Females by Bella, Deadly Dragons, WARZONES, Falskaar, Claralux, Imaginator, Gary's Real Mare Horses, Sexy Skyrim, Monster Mod, Tamriel Reloaded, Fabulous Followers, Epic Elves, ADEC, or Open Cities?

 Q: Yes...

A: It's probably a ruse. You have been rused.

 Q: Where can I buy or pirate any of these games?

A: Well you can always go to a store to buy games...
Steam is the main choice for buying any of the games and their respective DLCs.
Battlespire and Redguard are hard  to find now, good luck getting a legitimate copy.
Arena and Daggerfall however, are free and you can download them from the Official Bethesda site.  You can find a links in the Other TES Games Section. If you're wondering about DLC for Skyrim, Dragonborn is great, Dawnguard is okay, and Hearthfire is meh. We recommend you getting the Legendary Edition so that you won't have to worry about DLC requirments. We don't support pirating because Todd has my address.
Daggerfall and Arena are free and can be downloaded from the Official Bethesda website.
A: This is the perfect place to start! We have plenty of modding guides on this site made by our very own resident modders! The Skyrim guide we made is meant to work together. It's basically the way that most people on /tesg/ mod and play there game...mostly.This is just one of the few ways you can play the game!
We also recommend you to check out GEMS and STEP.
STEP is a full guide on graphics mods and is very long and extensive since it tells you EXACTLY what files to get from each mod.
GEMS focuses on featuring some interesting and unique mods that you can add to your game!

 Q: I'm new to modding, where should I start?

 Q: What's a good sex mod?

A: Sexlab

 Q: Can I get a link?

A: Google it.

 Q: Where can I get some cool mods?

A: It all depends on what you like. Some people think that immersion mods are cool while others prefer out of place and crazy looking costumes.
Check out the links section for loads of different websites with unique mods. You can also check out top mods on the Skyrim Nexus or on TES Alliance. It's all about swimming through the ocean of shit until you find the pearl that fits. Or as some anonymous visitor told me, "Finding a mod you want is like digging through a pile of shit to find a puzzle piece that might not even fit."

 Q: Who is the Onlyafro of the /tesg/ community?

A: Probably Novajam or Guardly.

 Q: What is a CTD and how can I fix it?

A: CTD means "crash to desktop." There could be several reasons of why you are getting CTD. Most of them are usually errors made by the user.
- If you are crashing as soon as the game opens, it means your game or a mod is missing an .ESM file which is a master file that provides several resources to the plugins you installed. Check your list, mod by mod, and see if you didn't miss anything.
- For CTDs during game play, the most popular reason are two or more mods that conflict with each other or a mod that has been poorly made.
- The best way to go about this is to disable 5 or 10 mods at a time and keep testing until the CTD stops, re-enabling the mods that you found to not be causing the CTD.
- To avoid this in the future, use BOSS to sort your load order, Wyre Bash to merge your world leveled lists, and TES5edit to clean up your mods.
- Lastly, a CTD can be caused by a defective script, which can be traced and narrowed down with the Papyrus Logger. Open Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Skyrim.ini and add the following to it:
Afterward, you will find 4 logs inside Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Logs\Script\, Papyrus.0.log being the most recent. At the end of it you will see the last process to happen before the crash.

 Q: What are some mods that I should avoid adding to my game?

A: Luckly for you, we have compiled a list of mods that you should NEVER use. Check out the Unrecommend Mods section right under the FAQ tab. We also have alternatives to those mods incase you wanted something similar.

 Q: Where's the Solitude smelter?

A: They don't have one, I'm sorry. You can download a town overhaul take can add one. Just look up Solitude on the nexus and you'll find something of your liking. Hopefully with a smelter included.

 Q: Does Steam detect Skyrim if I use the SKSE Launcher?

A: Yes it does. Just remember to install SKSE correctly.

 Q: What is Save Bloat and how do I fix it?

A: Save bloats are caused by scripts (usually added by a mod) that enter a loop and keeps repeating itself. Removing the mods caused by this script loop does not solve the issue, and possibly even corrupts your save file. At this point in time there is no real fix, but SKSE has a feature which slowly removes script loops in a save; to learn more about it Google "ClearInvalidRegistrations". Here is a list of mods that have been reported to cause save bloats:
- Imaginator
- Warzones
- Claralux version 3.0A. Version 4.0A seems to fix this issue but you still shouldn't use it because it sucks. Claralux does not play well with mods that manipulate the same cells as Claralux does, which is basically every road and city. Live Another Life and Lanterns all in one are known to have an issue with Claralux in certain areas of the world.

 Q: I need help making a character, got any tips?

A: You can check out these build guides made by the Skyrim Blog community.
You can also check out our roulette images that give you tons of options on how you can make a character.
These Images can be found under the Community Tab. 

 Q: Why don't people like SkyRE on /tesg/? Why do they insult me for suggesting it?

A: The #1 cause of dislike with SkyRE/Requiem or any kind of huge overhaul that does everything are compatibility issues, though a close second is a general aversion to modding laziness. Large overarching overhauls to the game can add a lot without requiring a large amount of customization or installing a lot of mods, but when you do that you're playing what someone else felt the game should be, and many of us strongly dislike that. Customizing a game to your specific tastes isn't always fast and easy like installing a mod overhaul.
Typically it can involve downloading dozens of mods, installing them, configuring them, adjusting them, and in many cases deleting them and restarting your characters. It can take dozens of hours but the end result can be a Skyrim experience that is completely unique to you and what YOU find fun and enjoyable. Mod incompatibility is one of the biggest challenges to creating a Skyrim experience and that's where a great many overhaul mods fail. The more you change, adjust, alter, and modify with your mods the greater the chances are that other mods will be broken. SkyRE/Requiem adjusts quite a lot which makes a great many other mods run into conflicts and incompatibilities.
While many of those mod authors produce 'compatibility' patches others may not, and you can easily run into a large amount of issues when those mods do come into conflict. The third point in the reason why we don't like SkyRE/Requiem is because everything it does, we find better alternatives for. This point is largely one of opinion and many will disagree with us on this, but to give one large example - the perk overhaul most widely recommended is Ordinator. Ordinator is, as you would imagine, completely incompatible with SkyRE/Requiem but since it adjusts far less it has far fewer conflicts with other mods. It's also more customizable, but this isn't a question about why to use Ordinator so we won't go into larger details.
Suffice to say that anything that people say that SkyRE/Requiem does, we find other things that do just as well if not better AND typically have fewer compatibility issues. The last point is not so much a criticism of the mod itself but of the mod author. T3ndo is notoriously bad at taking criticism for his mod and we generally find his work suffers as a result. His little comics that he draws for his mods are creepy too, but that's another story.
How to import console saves to PC.
1. Copy your saves to a Xbox 360 format flashdrive
2. Open
3. Click open from device locate the save file and open it.
4. Click the file contents tab.
5. Extract savegame.dat, rename it to savegame.ess and put it into your Skyrim save game location.
This process might work with previous Elder Scrolls games.

 Q: What does SOS stand for?

A: Well there are four different mods that use that same acronym. There's Seasons of Skyrim which is an ENB, another Seasons of Skyrim which is a landscape overhaul mod, there's Sounds of Skyrim which adds new ambient sounds, and finally there's Schlongs of Skyrim which adds customizable penises. I'm totally serious about that last one.

 Q: What is /tesg/'s opinion on Gopher?

A: Well he has a nice voice, that's for sure. His videos are very informative, but he makes even the simpilist of explanations into a 30 minute long lecture. His let's plays are nice and some of his old videos have some pretty outdated mods. What you should look out for are some of his newest mod guides and some of his tutorials. If you have spare time, you should listen to some of them.

 Q: Are there any doge mods?

A: Actually, there is one! It's called Pets of Skyrim and it adds new dogs, that are in fact Shiba Inus, as well as cats! Click on the image to get the link!

 Q: Why doesn't this site talk about TESO?

A: Because that game never existed.
You have reached the end! If you have any unanswered questions, feel free to contact us and we'll give you an answer as soon as possible.
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