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updated May 12th, 2017

Heyllo citizen, do you  ike graphics? I love graphics. Graphics are often selling points of games and back in 2005 before Oblivion came out, I bet you were wow'd by those pre-released shots but got the game in full excitement and then you got a starch infection immediately.
Maybe you've gotten sick of textures being really ugh when you smoosh your telescopically enhanced eyeballs against your computer monitor for those beautiful 512x512! Maybe you think that there's not enough bloom and god rays for that "cinematic feel" you want. Maybe you think that what a small city out on the open plains really needs is more trees. Maybe Oblivion's women just don't look enough like Barbie Dolls or that one potato from Ireland. Whatever the case, you want graphics mods!
In this section, we will discuss:
-Cosmetics for characters and npcs

Before we begin...

This is not the BEST guide to having the BEST looking game. This is just a LIST of mods that will make your game look better and not a step by step modding process. The guide can be confusing for beginners because of all of the textures, meshes, and in which order you install them. We recommend you fiddle around with some of these mods first to understand the basics.
Also, you haven't gotten an ENB or read the ENB page, you should do that now before moving on.


Polish that potato until it looks like a decent face!

Oblivion Character Overhaul - Blockhead

Oblivion Character Overhaul is a complete revamp of the character heads with a new visual direction closely inspired by Skyrim and Morrowind. Each race has their own textures and headmorphs that are more stylised and all around better looking than the potatoe heads you get with the base game. Now there are two versions of Oblivion Character Overhaul that people debate over which is better. Just choose whichever you like honestly. This overhaul also requires an OBSE addon called Blockhead which overrides previous barriers between full on character customization. This mod is not for everyone however.

Graphical enhancements

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