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Quests and environments

updated May 14th, 2017

So you've done all of Oblivion's quests, and it's taken you all of six hours! Whew! Now you need something substantial to do, but your retard strength broke your keyboard while failing to spell "Quest mods".  
In this section, we will discuss:


Oblivion is full of great quest mods that it's kinda hard to make a good list. So here's a just few recommended choices. If you want to find some more, just look up the top 100 Oblivion quest mods and see for yourself!


And mods that add/change interiors and buildings. But before you get any of these mods, you must get these two essentials first.

Really AEVWD

Greatly optimizes Oblivion's LODs so that they not only look good, they run well too.

Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v5

Tes4ll creates new and individual high-resolution landscape meshes including all the additional changes added by the mods which one has installed. USE THIS AFTER ALL OF YOUR LANDSCAPE MODS HAVE BEEN INSTALLED.
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