Quests and environments

updated May 14th, 2017

So you've done all of Oblivion's quests, and it's taken you all of six hours! Whew! Now you need something substantial to do, but your retard strength broke your keyboard while failing to spell "Quest mods".  
In this section, we will discuss:


Oblivion is full of great quest mods that it's kinda hard to make a good list. So here's a just few recommended choices. If you want to find some more, just look up the top 100 Oblivion quest mods and see for yourself!
Kvatch Rebuilt
Adds a slew of new quests to rebuild Kvatch after the Oblivion attack.
Better dungeons
Caves and dungeons are more unique then ever. Each interior now has new lighting and extra options like rope climbing and squeezing through small cracks.
Mannimarco Revisited
Changes the Mannimarco fight at the end of the Mage's Guild questline to be a lot let shitty and a lot more exciting.
A Brotherhood Renewed
Adds new quests to reclaim other lost dark brotherhood sanctuaries.
A Better Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
This mod does some minor tweaks and improves upon the dark brotherhood sanctuary in Cheydinhal.
The Lost Spires
Uncover the mysteries of ancient Tamriel as only one can, through the Archeology Guild. Scale the guild's ranks and explore new, exotic locales to unravel a plot of sinister deceit, betrayal, and doom.
Ruined Tails Tale
Ruined-Tail's Tale is a story-driven Companion-MOD featuring an Argonian Battlemage by the name of Ruined-Tail (or Ruin, for short). Throughout the course of your time together you will learn more about what drives Ruin and what haunts him, and through numerous multi-path conversations, complex scripted sequences, and challenging strategy-orientated encounters, you will play an integral part in shaping Ruined-Tail's Tale to its ultimate conclusion.
Malevolent is a complex, multi-pathed, story-driven quest MOD revolving around the Player's relationship (be it good or bad) with a sentient suit of armour called "The Armour of Malevolence."
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And mods that add/change interiors and buildings. But before you get any of these mods, you must get these two essentials first.

Really AEVWD

Greatly optimizes Oblivion's LODs so that they not only look good, they run well too.

Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v5

Tes4ll creates new and individual high-resolution landscape meshes including all the additional changes added by the mods which one has installed. USE THIS AFTER ALL OF YOUR LANDSCAPE MODS HAVE BEEN INSTALLED.
Unique Landscapes Compilation
This mod adds a variety of new locations that are all beautifully handcrafted with plenty of levels of detail in them.
Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patches
A full list of compatibility patches for almost every mod that changes landscapes.
Open Cities Reborn
Don't like loading screens when entering a city? Use this! Not only does it remove these gates and place these cities into the world, it also edits terrain and a few building locations to accommodate the new space.
Open Cities Patches
Because no big mod would be worth anything if it couldn't run with everything else alongside it.
Immersive Interiors
Now you can see the rest of the city outside of windows!
II - Bravil and Leyawiin
Now you can see the rest of the city outside of windows! But now in Bravil and Leyawiin!
Weather - All Natural
All Natural combines a robust custom weather system that allows the use of weather types from all existing weather mods with custom versions of Natural Interiors and Real Lights in order to provide the greatest weather/environment experience possible.
Improved Trees and Flora 2
This is a retexture of several trees,flowers,plants and fungus with 1024x1024,1024x512 & 512x512 new textures.
LowPoly Grass.
This mod reduces the complexity of the grass meshes resulting in a sizeable FPS gain for most people.
Let the People Drink
Adds multitude of fountains as well as a Great Aqueduct running from Charcoal Cave to the Imperial City.
Enhanced Vegetation
An alternative to Natural Vegetation by Max Tael. This mod offers better textures for distant trees/shrubs and the plugins scale vegetation bigger. The textures come in 3 different variations (high/normal/low resolutions) and the plugins offer multiple scaling choices. You can use any plugin + texturepack combination.
Enhanced Vegetation - Darker trunks
Makes the tree trunks in Enhanced Vegetation a little darker.
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