Poser Guide

updated September 14th, 2018

FNIS does come with a few poses and animations you can use, but not a lot. Here's a list of mods that add poses to your game. You'll be able to use these any yourself and even NPCs to make your screenshots look great. You should have already read the guide or know what is FNIS and how to use it. Otherwise, you should check out the part 1 of our Skyrim guide; Essentials.
To be honest, the only reason why this section is not on the Screenshot-Fu page is because it's too big and crowded already

How Posing Works

Installing the mod is easy, just put ESPs with ESPs and put the meshes folder with the meshes folder in your Skyrim Data folder. The animations themselves should be located in data/meshes/actors/character/animations. Just like animation mods, you should always run FNIS when you add a poser mod. For the Pinup Poser mod, you will find 30 rings in your apparel. You must favourite and add to hotkeys whichever pair you wish to use. It is very important that you are using the right selector/ring pair. If you are using the EX 1 Select ring, you must use the EX 1 Play ring., if you are using the Standing 1 Select ring, you must use the Standing 1 Play ring. Press the idle select hotkey and choose your idle from the menu lists. Each menu has a submenu, so make sure to choose again after the top menu. Press the Idle Play hotkey. BEWARE: Doing this while in flying camera mode will BREAK combat. Make sure you are in third person mode before activating an idle. If you want to get out of the pose, simply jump. If you have any more questions, the Pinup Poser readme file will probably have them.

 Q: Will poses work with weapons equipped?

A: Yes they do. Some poses are designed to have weapons and spells in mind. So to do this, just simply equip your weapon and then use the hotkeys to get your pose. Note that some poses are not meant to have weapons in them, therefore they will look weird

 Q: I can't read, how do these mods work?

A: Watch this video, and never come back here. Oh, and skip the part with NMM because NMM is bad for your health.