Quests and Lands

updated July 31st, 2019

So you've done all of Skyrim's quests, and it's taken you all of six hours! Whew! Now you need something substantial to do, but your retard strength broke your keyboard while failing to spell "Quest mods". Fear not my intrepid mongoloid, for we have you covered with the following adventuring mods. We'll organize these mods by there respective authors first. If they have only made one quest mod, they will be put under another category.
In this section, we will discuss:
-Trainwiz Mods
-Towns and Settlements


ThirteenOranges is a well know Skyrim modder who has made numerous mods. All of them are well crafted to be great experiences. He's made quests, new locations and towns, and even a new faction. Oranges was a promising quest modder who was killed by Nexus Nazis for arbitrary reasons, and thus had to find new life in the Steam Workshop. His quest mods are all quite high quality, as you'll see. Really, just get them. The new Pit Fighter faction is actually the revival of the Windhelm arena, which was cancelled by Bethesda because of their tight release date.
We highly recommend you to try all of his mods! They're all well constructed and will keep you playing for hours!
Pitfighter is not included because that has its own official port at which you can get here on the link button.


ALL PRAISE TO TRAINWIZ! GLORIOUS MODDER TRAINWIZ! Trainwiz is a /tesg/ regular, or should I say he used to, and a well known modder like ThirteenOranges. He's made many Morrowind mods as well, which all revolve around the Dwemer or trains; but mostly trains.

Quests and Dungeons

One hit wonders made by some other people. They are all unique, but most of them include no islands or continents to explore. A great change of pace compared to the wilderness of Skyrim. You can find dangerous dwemer factories or even calm and somtimes melancholy Nordic crypts.

Quest mod add-ons

Here we have add-ons to some of the quest mods above. These mods are translations, voice acting, new meshes/textures, fixes and much more!

Towns and Settlements

The small towns suck, like Riverwood and even so called "holds" like Morthal. Most of them are just little huts and they just look boring compared to towns in Oblivion or even in Morrowind! So here are a few mods to liven up the small settlements and add new ones too. NOTE: You should carefully read the mod page descriptions. Some of these mods could be incompatible together!

Expanded Towns and Cities

Most city expansion mods just add more trees everywhere because the modders that make them are dumb. This modder isn't dumb, and actually went about expanding those towns and cities properly. The mod pack adds new buildings and clutters around small hamlets, towns, and city outskirts to make them look bigger and unique. As well as add a few unique textures here and there to differentiate towns that look similar. And now since it's been combined with Immersive Towns and cities, this is really the only town mod you need. So now there's less risk for more reward. The mod is still modular, so feel free to customize any set of towns you like.

Snakestone's Guide

Lets face it, Skyrim feels empty and the "cities" are small and boring. Snake's guide will help make the towns and cities feel bigger and lived in, it will also add more life to Skyrim in the ways of more towns and cities for you to explore. Note, all mods listed there are for the Legendary Edition, use it as a framework, or if you want to try and port the mods yourself.

Dawn of Skyrim (Director's Cut) for SSE

A complete re-imagining of BluePianoTwo city overhauls. Each city has been overhauled to fit their themes better while not cluttering the place with trees everywhere. For example, Whiterun has more trading stalls for a trade city and Windhelm has an extended grey quarter which feels more cramped. These overhauls also add extra NPCs and vendors to make the towns feel more lively compared to the dozen unique characters living in the cities besides the guards.

JK's Skyrim

Yet another collection of city overhauls for all five of the main holds. Like the Dawn of Skyrim series, these mods add more clutter and architectural pieces around each city. What's great about these mods is that they are being made compatible with Dawn of Skyrim. So now you can have both overhauls at the same time to make your cities even twice as unique! Just remember to download the compatibility patches for each hold.


Q: Why isn't this or that mod in the guide?
A: Some mods haven't been officially ported to Special Edition yet, if a mod you like isn't listed, try converting it yourself.
Q: Will you be adding more to these guides?
A: Of course!  We'll try to keep all the guides up to date and will notify everyone if something has changed or has been added on. We also accept submissions if the mod is good enough!