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June 17th Changelog

Updated all of Halofarm's followers!
Updated Meara follower!
Added Breezy follower
Added Nala follower!
Added Miria follower!
Added Zawadi follower!
Added another FAQ question
Added High Poly Feet and Hands and Hair Worshop for Argonians to the Waifu and Husbando guides
Added ENB specifications to the ENB guide
Added Serenity ENB, Insomnia ENB, and M ENB to the ENBs section
Changed a few of the screenshots for remaining ENBs
Updated Oblivion section to have a link to the Dem Waifus guide
Updated Essentials guide!
  • Updated some of the mod descriptions

  • Removed SMPC

Updated Gameplay guide!
  • Updated the Locational Damage description and warning

  • Changed the Magic section's format to accommodate more mods

  • Added Ballistic Spells to Magic and Spells

  • Added More Draconic Dragon Aspect to Shouts

  • Added Equipping Overhaul to Misc.

Updated NPCs guide!
  • Changed the non /tesg/ section's format to accommodate more mods

  • Added Pelinal Whitestrake, Lorkhan, and Vivec followers

Updated Immersion guide!
  • Added One With Nature to Roleplaying Elements

  • Added Ducks and Swans of Skyrim to Environments

Updated Quests and Lands guide!
  • Added Cobby Lodge, Darkwater Den, Thief home in Riften Canal, Corwell's retreat, Vellamo, and Raven's Nest to Abodes

Updated Graphics guide!
  • Added Unique Grasses Plugin and SNOW to Overhauls

  • Removed Virtus Imperii - Imperial Gear Re-mastered, Imperial armor textures are in Amidanborn

  • Replaced Visible Windows with Rustic Windows

  • Added Webs Extended to Clutter

  • Added Stalhrim of Skyrim to Caves and Terrain

Updated Armor and Weapons guide!
  • Added Amimated Dwemer backpack and Animated Dwemer headgear to Heavy Armor

  • Added Rough Leather Armor to Light Armor

  • Added Noble Dress and zzjay's Wardrobe to Clothes and Robes

  • Added Dragonborn Barbarian Armor and Warhammer Sorceress robe to Slut Wear

  • Added Beast Masks and Horn Guard Helmets to Vanilla Edits

  • Added Valkyrja and Brug Hild to Weapons

Added Dem Waifus blog button to the bottom footer, replacing Haishao's blog. Sorry!
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