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July 2nd Changelog

Updated follower links that are now hosted on Halofarm's website!
Updated Meara follower!
Updated Zawadi follower!
Updated Miria follower!
Updated Xidix follower!
Updated Lilim follower!
Updated Euka follower!
Updated the Screenshot-fu guide!
Fixed the racemenu description in the Wai-fu guide!
Added KS Hairdo to the Wai-fu guide!
Added Kijiko Male Hair to the Husbando-fu guide!
Updated Gameplay guide!
  • Added Conjure Sweetroll to Magic

  • Added Ultimate Dragons to Dragons

Updated NPCs guide!
  • Added Familiar Faces to Followers

  • Replaced Ra'zhirr with Xidix on the recommended list of /tesg/ followers

Updated Immersion guide!
  • Combined the Audio and Music sections

  • Changed the Audio and Music section's format to accommodate more mods

  • Added Immersive Sounds - Compendium to Audio and Music

  • Added Immediate Dragons to Roleplaying Elements

  • Added No Spinning Death Animation to Animations

Updated Quests and Lands guide!
  • Added Marsh Light Home to Abodes

Updated Graphics guide!
  • Added A Vile Masque to Armors, Weapons, and Clothes

  • Added AnTiWoMaAgNoT - Statue mods to Caves and Terrain

Updated Armor and Weapons guide!
  • Added Imperial Assassin armor to Light Armor

  • Added Female Blades Light armor to Slut Wear

  • Added Noble Dress and zzjay's Wardrobe to Clothes and Robes

  • Added Dwarven arm gun, Echizen, and Breakable Shields to Weapons

  • Fixed up the "A Few Last Words" section

Updated Contact Us page!
Updated Credits page!
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