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We ain't got no money left for the site!

Hey guys it's me Guardly, the guy who runs this site, remember? I know I haven't been updating the site as usually as I have before in the past. Work and school have been my major adversaries these past few months, but since I've finally finished my summer classes I'll be able to update more often!
I've made this announcement to tell you guys that I'm running low on money and we kinda need some more to keep the site up. As some of you know, this site is paid through by me and a few donaters. So I would like to ask you guys for a small and urgent donation to keep us up for now. Right now we only need $15 USD to keep the site up this month and the money is due on July 13th, which just so happens to be this sites first birthday!
I'm not trying to ask just one person to donate $15, but it would really help out if a few people could at least donate $1 to the site to pitch in. If we get any extra, we can always save that money for later months. You can donate by clicking the little PayPal button on the site's footer. Thanks for understanding you guys!
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