July 4th Changelog, Update part 1

July 4, 2014

Added Ermalda (Brave Mustaine) follower!
Added FNIS Sexy Walk to the Poser-Fu guide!
Replaced UNPC with UNPCM in the Wai-fu guide!
Updated Essentials guide!
  • Fixed a few spelling errors
  • Removed OneTweak and replaced it with SCRH WindowMode Mod 
  • Added Performance mod section!
  • Added Remove Underwater Grass and Skyrim Performance PLUS to the Performance section
Updated NPCs guide!
  • Added Bohan, Meara, Ra'zhirr, and Sackman to the recommended followers list
Updated Graphics guide!
  • Added Water Color for ENB to the Overhauls section
  • Added Dragon Masks Retextured to the Armor, Weapons, and Clothes section
  • Added Real Clouds to the Lighting and Magic section
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