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Let's have a little contest!

Do you want YOUR screenshot to be a header for a guide or section? Do you want to be immortalized on the site? Well now is your chance with this little contest since the site's guides will be getting a visual overhaul!
Send us your best screenshot that pertains to one of the pages, sections, or guides listed below. Be creative, think of something interesting and unique but will still fit in!
Here's some ideas, take a screenshot of people eating in the snow for Immserive overhauls, draw a few question marks over a character's head for Memory Patches while having them look confused, or show off a town full people for Random NPCs! You can send more than one screenshot but remember, you can probably get a screenshot guranteed acceptance if the category is hard to take a screenshot of. All screenshots winners will be picked by me, Guardly. Don't worry I'm not THAT bias.
  • Essential Mods

  • Tools and Utilites

  • Memory Patch

  • Performance Mods

  • Extra UI Mods

  • Combat

  • Skills and Perks

  • Magic and Spells

  • Stealth

  • Shouts

  • Dragons

  • Werewolves and Vampires

  • Items and Loot

  • Crafting and Enchanting

Creatures and NPCs
  • Enemies and Monsters

  • Followers

  • Random NPCs

  • Alternate Starts

  • Audio and Music

  • Immersive Overhauls

  • Backpacks and Gear

  • Roleplaying

  • Environments and Weather

  • Animations

Quests and Lands
  • Quests

  • Town Improvements

  • Abodes

  • Overhauls

  • Armor Weapons and Clothes

  • Clutter

  • Food and Potions

  • Lighting and Magic

  • Caves and Terrain

  • Maps

Armor and Weapons
1. Nothing TOO lewd
2. Submit any and all screenshots through the Contact Us button. You can have the screenshots hosted on a different site with a link or a link to a .zip download
3. Don't submit something that's not yours, this is just for fun!
4. You don't have to take a new screenshot, use an old one if you feel like it!
5. No letterboxes, if you send us a screenshot with a letterbox we will crop it out
6. You can send multiple screenshots for multiple categories but please remember to label which screenshots should go where
7. Everything is due on July 13th, which is when the update will be released along side with this contest results!


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