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Happy Birthday and a little update!

Well guys, the site is now officially one year old! I just want to thank everyone for coming here, suggesting mods, writing guides, sending images, donating, and keeping us afloat for all this time.
Most of the guides pages have been updated with a new top layout which looks waaaaaaaay better but it's also easier to scan through since all of the
sections are explained at the top of each page; plus pictures!
Since I'm busy and rushing with other stuff , i'll make sure to do a proper update with more mods on either Monday or Tuesday.
The only changelog notable things today is the new banner, the release of the Raeza follower, and the fact that I had to clean up a few broken mod links because Nexus was being ass as usual.
A big thanks goes out to everyone who donated and to everyone who sent a picture in for this update! You can keep sending in screenshots from now on too and they'll be added next to the appropriate guide. Bye for now!
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