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August 30th Changelog

Changed the background a little bit
Added Erraum follower!
Added Tekitodayo Pose to Poser-Fu guide
Updated some of the Wai-fu and Husbando-fu guide links
Updated Essentials guide!
  • Added a few bits of extra info for Mod Organizer

Updated Gameplay guide!
  • Added Spell Charging to Magic

Updated Quests and Lands guide!
  • Added Elisdriel - Bosmer inspired tree house to Abodes

Updated Graphics guide!
  • Added Simply Bigger Trees to Overhauls

  • Replaced Dramatic Clouds with Realistic Clouds

  • Added Ewi's better thickets to Caves and Terrain

Updated Armor and Weapons guide!
  • Added Dagger Lady and Kantleon Armor to Slut Wear

  • Added Dawnguard Full Helmet without insignia to Vanilla Edits

  • Added Stoneheart Weapons Pack, Lilarcor, and The Huntsman to Weapons and Shields

Coming next update: Super Immersive Ultra Deluxe HD HQ Graphics Guide!!!

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