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October 9th Changelong

Added new links for K-ENB
Added Kinoko Pose to Poser-Fu guide
Added Skylight Males to Husbando-Fu guide
Updated Essentials guide!
  • Added iactivate to Extra UI Mods

  • Added Viewable faction ranks to Extra UI Mods

  • Added Extended UI to Extra UI Mods

Updated Gameplay guide!
  • Removed Dance of Death

  • Remove Locational Damage because of too many complaints

  • Added Violens Killmove mod to Gameplay

  • Added Revenge of the Enemies to Gameplay

Updated Immersion guide!
  • Reformatted the backpacks and gear section

  • Removed EDWS

  • Added Mage Backpack Retexture to Backpacks and Gear

  • Added Skyrim - Enhanced Camera to Roleplaying Elements

  • Added Pure Weather to Environments and Weather

Updated Quests and Lands guide!
  • Removed Cart in each big city

  • Added The Wheels of Lull to the Trainwiz section

  • Added JK's City Overhauls to Town Improvements

Updated Graphics guide!
  • Removed Starry Sky

  • Removed Legible Signs

  • Added Skyrim Realistic Texture Overhaul dragons 4K-8K to Overhauls

  • Added HD Netch and Siltstrider to Overhauls

  • Added Spellbreaker Oblivionized to Armor, Weapons, and Clothes

  • Added HD Cities and Roadsigns to Clutter

  • Added Real Herbs to Clutter

  • Added HQ Skyrim Map to Clutter

  • Added ELECTRIFY to Lighting and Magic

  • Added Road textures by Pfuscher to Caves and Terrain

  • Added Real Roads of Skyrim to Caves and Terrain

Fixed a few links and spelling errors
Updated a few mods with new pictures
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