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February 21st Changelog

I can't believe I forgot about this but, Facelight has been added to the Poser-Fu guide!
Added KS Hairdos Beast races to the Wai-fu and Husbando-fu guides!
Updated Creatures and NPCs guide!
  • Added Followers as Companions to Followers

Updated Graphics Guide!
  • Renamed the Clutter section to Clutter and Misc.

  • Added Enhanced Noble Furniture to Clutter and Misc.

  • Added MANHOLE OF SOLITUDE to Clutter and Misc.

Updated Armors and Weapons Guide!
  • Added True Nord Guard Armor to Vanilla Edits

  • Added Tenebrae to Weapons and Shields

  • Added DCR - Blade Set Reloaded to Weapons and Shields

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