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April 23rd Changelog

Brought back the side header because I felt like it
Changed the background for the whole site!
Added an extra Contact Us button to the main hotbar
Added a new Screenshot Submission section under Home!
Wanna help contribute to the site? Submit a picture relating to a mod in the Skyrim guide! Check the page for more details.

Updated the Essentials Guide!
  • Added Add Item Menu to Extra UI Mods

Updated the Immersion guide!
  • Replaced Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger with Campfire - Complete Camping System

  • Replaced Splash of Rain and Shooting Stars with Wonders of Weather

Updated the Graphics guide!
  • Added Dawn of the Dawnguard Armor to Armor, Weapons, Clothes

  • Replaced Detailed Rugs with Rugnarok

  • Added SOUL to Lighting and Magic

Updated the Contact Us page!
Fixed a few minor spelling errors
Fixed a few broken links
And remember, if you have any complaints or suggestions, feel free to send us a message! I've been hearing about a bunch of complaints about the combat guide but I have YET so see a message about it submitted to the site itself. The only thing I got was a suggestion for a mod called Disparity which I am testing out right now.

TESV 2014-02-01 22-44-11-00.jpg

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