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June 26th Changelog

Sorry for the wait everyone, here's the new update which is just a small visual overhaul.
All pages have been pretty much updated with the new look, easier on the eyes right?
The new content pages like the Fun mods and the Oblivion guide will be finished on the 13th as promised before.
Removed Mature Skin because the 2.0 version looks assy
Removed Better Dialogue and Messagebox Controls because they don't really work with SkyUI anymore.
Removed HQ Food
And I know they're are a few graphics mods that are under moderation but I wanna keep those on just in case it comes back or we somehow get mirror links.
Added MariENB to the ENB guide
Updated the Gameplay guide!
  • Added Golden Shower to Magic and Spells

Updated the Armors and Weapons guide!
  • Added Merta Black Rose Armor

  • Added Liliths Lacerator-Custom Rapier and greatsword to Weapons

If you find any broken links, please contact the site as soon as possible, thanks!


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