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July 14th update and Happy Birthday to the site!

That's right! The site is now 2 years old! It's hard to believe that we've lasted so long. In any case we could not have done it without the help from all of you! We'd like to thank everyone who's contributed, made suggestions, and sent donations to the site for these past two years! We still have a little bit of money leftover from last years donations, so rest assured we'll still be kicking for awhile! Let's hope for another good year to come, thank you!
Added the Fun Mods guide!
Added Rampage ENB to the ENB guide
Updated Waifu ENB
Added Eye normal maps and Improved eye reflections to the Wai-fu and Husbando-fu guides
Updated the Immersion guide!
  • Added Immersive Citizens to the Overhauls section

Updated the Quest and Lands guide!
  • Added Beyond Reach to the Quests section

Updated the Armor and Weapons guide!
  • Added Giant Hammer to the Weapons and Shields section


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