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The /tesg/ Community Stories Project!

Hello people!
There's a new /tesg/ mod project, and we need your contributions! The /tesg/ community stories mod is a little project that will add little books and stories about /tesg/ characters into Skyrim.
The idea of it all is that you can write us a story about your character and it will be turned into a book or journal in Skyrim to read.Who is your character and what is their life story? What their motivations are, their goals, why are they in Skyrim, who are they, what do they like and dislike. Anything!
There will be books laid out all across Skyrim of character's adventures and you'll be able to find them through exploring. Tie an area to your character. If your character is a Solitude based character, you can find a book about them while just walking around Solitude. Give a little fan lore to a location.
Wanna learn more? Check out the Projects Tab right under Community.
Wanna submit something? Send it to

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