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July 29th Quickfix

Mostly just graphics mods
Updated the Essentials guide!
  • Added KenMOD - Alternate Skyrim cursors and KenMOD Navi cursor to Extra UI Mods

Updated the Graphics guide!
  • Added a new City Textures section!

  • Added Langleys Textures Workshop to Texture Overhauls

  • Added Auriel's weapons, Harkons Sword, Amulet of Talos Replacer,and HD Realistic Pickaxe to Armor,Weapons,Clothes

  • Added TROLL, RUSTIC EAST EMPIRE COMPANY SIGNAGE, and Business Ledger HD to Creatures and Clutter

  • Added Parallax High Hrothgar to Caves and Terrain since I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it

  • Added Osmodius Solitude and Windhelm textures to City Textures

Updated the Armor and Weapons guide
  • Added Artifacts of Boethiah and Sword of the Eternal Phoenix to Weapons and Shields

Fixed the link for Become a Bard, thanks anon!

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