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September 23rd Changelog

I'm seeing a trend of only updating the site every 10 days. This is PURELY coincidental.
ALSO, we would much appreciate it if someone could send a new mirror link for the Hobowizard follower! Thank you!
Updated the Ilx Follower!
Added Screenshot Pad to the Poser-fu guide!
Updated the Quets and Lands guide!
  • Added Darkend to Quests (even though it doesn't have any quests I had no idea where to put it otherwise)

Updated the Graphics guide!
  • Added Rustic Clothing to Armors, Weapons, Clothes

Updated the Armor and Weapons guide!
  • Added Battlemage Armour (Female) to Vanilla Edits

Updated the Fun guide!
  • Added Pot Head Armor and Clothes

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