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November 6th changelog

4 more days until Fallout 4.
Added new links to the Miel and Callani followers!
If anyone has a mirror to the Elina, we would greatly appreciate it!
Added a redone version the site's old background
Adding HDT Physics Extensions and KS Hairdos - HDT Physics to the Wai-fu guide!
Added a link to Mlox to the Morrowind guide
Updated the Armor and Weapons guide!
  • Added Knightbro black templar set V2 to Heavy Armor

  • Added Thalmor Officer Uniform to Vanilla Edits

  • Added Witcher 2 Brigida Paperbrock Dress to Ports

Updated the Fun guide!
  • Added Haunted Mask of Extreme Terror to Armor and Clothes

  • Added MediEvil- Hero of Gallowmere to Holiday Related, it's not really holiday related but I didn't want to make an extra section for just one mod

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