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A very big update post, we need your votes!

Hi, If you're looking for the ACTUAL site update post, check the previous post I made.
Q: Where have you been?!?!?! It's been over a month!!!
A: The real reason is because I got a new job, so I've been busy with that and with school. The "excuse" reason why I haven't updated the site is because there really hasn't been anything new to add since everyone jumped over to the Fallout 4 ship.
Q: Did you get hit by a bus?
A: I bet someone wished I did, but no.
Q: Why haven't you posted the Watercolor mod for Morrowind?
A: No one has sent the site a link for it, so we don't bother.
So now here's a big block of text for you all. Some of you might remember that we had a big donation thing for the site so that we could keep it up without using ads last year. We raised a enough money then, but now we're almost out and I'm asking aid from the community yet again. Problem is, everyone's gone to Fallout or other things. So if anyone actually does donate this time, it'll probably be a lot less. Which means I'm going to have to ask again when that time comes. However, I think I've come up with a solution.
If we do get enough money to last us as long as this time, we don't have to worry about anything. But if we don't, I could always put up some ads to help keep the site afloat. They won't be too bothersome mind you and they'll probably be on the side of things, no pop-ups and such. Of course I would also have to put up a notice to tell people to whitelist us from their ad blocking apps. The point is, I'll leave that to a vote. You can check out the strawpoll right under the Home tab that says "Vote".
Second thing I need to address is something that a few people have been asking me, which is we can put up some guides for the Fallout games. I'd be happy to post more guides if more people are willing to help, since I really don't know a lot about modding Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I've been playing around with Fallout 4, so even if it is a small guide, I can make a small list for it. I'll be leaving this for everyone to vote, same place as the previous one.
Finally, a few folks asked if I might revamp the site soon. I've been thinking about it for awhile too since I only did a mini-revamp in the summer. If you guys do want the site revamp sooner than later, you can also vote and give your thoughts on it. This is the final strawpoll vote.
Thanks for reading my rambles and I hope you guys still enjoy what the site has to offer!

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