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December 25th Update

Merry Christmas!
Added Guideanon's Morrowind guide to the Morrowind guide page
Fixed the description of MGSO in the Morrowind guide
Added a new link to setting up Daggerfall in the Other TES games section
Updated the Gameplay guide!
  • Removed Immersive Detection of NPC

Updated the Immersion guide!
  • Removed Campfire

  • Replaced Player Headtrack with PC Head Track

Updated the Quests and Lands guide!
  • Added Little Tiny Living to Abodes

Updated the Armor and Weapons guide!
  • Added Falmer Bikini Armor to Slut Wear

  • Added Eidolon's Edge, Artifacts of Skyrim, and IronWolf Tower-Shield to Weapons and Shields

Updated the Fun Mods guide!
  • Added WAGON WHEEL to Weapons

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