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January 13th Changelog

So the votes are in and counted for.
Yes to ads on the site
Yes to possible Fallout 4 guide
No for revamp
I'll set the ads up for next week.
As for the Fallout 4 guide, I'm probably gonna have to ask /fog/ if they want me to host.
Added the /tesg/ character evolution imgur album to the Image Section under Community
Added Szarik and Gustlik ENB to the ENB guide
Updated the Graphics guide!
  • Replaced Spell Tomes 2 with Spell Tome Replacer

  • Added HD Mountain flowers to Creatures and Clutter

Updated the Armor and Weapons guide!
  • Added Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor to Light Armor

  • Added Wolf Bikini Armor and Revealing Tsun's armor to Slut Wear

  • Added Shalamayne - The Shadow Reaver to Weapons and Shields

Updated the Fun Mods guide!
  • Added Summon Walking Christmas Tree to Followers

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