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October 5th Changelog

Changed the header!
Updated the Natalia, Aylen, and Kaarina followers!
Added The Croc and Tsajasuna followers!
Added Combined Hairstyles Collection to the Wai-Fu section and added Hallgarth's Additional Hair to both Wai-fu and Husbando-fu guides!
Updated the Immersion guide!
  • Replaced Realistic Needs and Diseases with its 2.0 version

Updated the Graphics guide!
  • Added Iron Things to Armor, Weapons, and Clothes

Updated the Quest and Lands guide!
  • Added Detailing the Eldtrich to Clutter and Creatures

  • Added Gildergreen 4K Parallax to Caves and Terrain

Updated the Armor and Weapons guide!
  • Added Leather Mashup Collection to Vanilla Edits

  • Added Imperial Dragonknight Armory to Weapons and Shields

Fixed a few grammer errors
Removed the "coming soon" on the animation guide. Gonna wait until Skyrim Enhanced before finishing it.

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