February 19th Changelog

February 19, 2017


The New Guys Edition


Hey guys, sorry for the lack of real updates for the past month, college has been kicking my ass with the amount of work shoved into my face. That's why I've hired some help.


I've hired Ra as my assistant, Snakestone as a Skyrim admin and Knots as the Morrowind Page Admin. They've all been added to the contact page, so for questions or suggestions, you can also direct it to them.


I'm still looking for an Oblivion expert to help out that page. If you think you can do a good job at it and would like to help the site, contact me.


Now for the updates!


Followers updated
-Hali added
-Hoboknight added
-Mistel updated
-Faust Updated

Graphics updated
-Forgotten Retex Project
-Amidianborn - Book of Silence (yes this wasn't on the site)
-Designs of the Nords
-Realistic Instruments
Poser-fu updated
-Gomapero Poser
-Wulf Poser
-Rotating Camera SKSE
Immersion updated
-Hoamaii Wine and Beer in Tankards
Armor and Weapons updated
-Wildling Fur
-Volkihar Knight

NPCs updated
-Ebonarm Restored

Gameplay updated


Sorry again for not keeping the site up, hopefully with the added help, it can grow. I will be seeking to upgrade the site to a better subscription that will cost me another 10 dollars a month, so I might open up a donate box to help pay for it. The new subscription will make the site run faster and run better. I do care about this site after I took over as owner and have been experimenting to make the site more user friendly and accessible. I just want college to be over so I can focus on life and full time modding.





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