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What is up Elder Scrolls Fans! Got the first Changelog of March ready for you to see. HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Fuck you

Followers Updated

-Ava Added

-Kayleigh Updated

-Veitizion Added

-Azor Updated

Added SSE Followers

Waifu Guide updated

-Cloneskin HD

Husbando-fu guide updated

-Hirsute Beards

NPCs updated


Graphics updated

-Keys to your heart

-Dark Brotherhood HD armor retexture

Quest and Lands updated

-Falmeroon - Legacy of the Snow Elves

-Vigilant - An Amateur's English Translation

-Books of Skyrim

-Solitude Exterior Addon

-Apachii Divine Elegance Store

-Blue Palace Terrace

Armor and Weapons updated

-Truly Light Elven Armor

-Damien Armor

-DCR King Crusader Armor

-Knight armor and weapon

Fun mods updated

-Bread Shot

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