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Help Wanted!

Hey guys, as you know, I convert Oblivion stuff to Skyrim for you guys to use and play around with. Well, I'm in a bit of a trouble trying to do shit for the armors and clothes. I have too much trouble trying to use Blender because I can't see menus and what I am doing (I'm only good with 3DS Max), so if you are fluent in using Blender and would like to help out with the Oblivion to Skyrim project, I'd very much appreciate the help.

I found a script over from Loverslab called Gerra6's pose converter ( that changes the poses from Oblivion to Skyrim, so if you know how to use Blender and would help me out with converting the Oblivion T poses to Skyrim's relaxed poses, it will be very helpful. I can compensate you as a thank you for your help as the scope of amount of armors that I'd like to bring over is just too much for just me.

If you could help with doing this one part, I can take over from there.

So, if you are interested, please use the contact button to get in touch with me.

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