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April 13th Changelog


Followers Updated

-Talon Added

-Ava Updated

NPCs Updated

-Grahl - The Ice Troll

Quest and Lands Updated

-Tinker's Nook

-Huntman's Hut

-Warrior's Cabin

-Solitude Reborn

-Whiterun Expansion Redone

-Stryker's Patches for JK's Skyrim and ETaC

Graphics Updated

-Priscilla Lute

-Ivy Wall

-Gemling Queen Jewelry

Armor Updated

-Leather Armor replacer

-Daigon's Armor

-Truly Light Glass Armor

-Nordic Adventurers Armor

-Iron Armor Topless

Split the Armor and Weapon pages to their own separate pages.

Fixed the SSE Page URLs.

Added new photos across the site.

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