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May 13th Changelog

No Edition

Fixed up several pages for easier searching and browsing.

Continued splitting up the Oblivion pages for that one day Oblivion mod guy.

NPCs updated

-RS Children

Followers updated

-Jeanne added

-Riela updated

-Ailean added

-Aylen updated

-Haar updated

Quest and lands updated

-Windhelm Bridge Overhaul

Abodes updated

-Swamp Home

-Twin Chimney Cabin

-Round Window Cabin

-Tiny Calm Garden

-Onboro House

Graphics updated

-LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Talos Statue with Greatsword

Weapons updated


Fun updated

-Ronzo in Skyrim

Also, I am looking for a person to help me clean up the textures for the armor above.

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