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May 18th Changelog

Remove Goat (and Feathers) Edition

Poser-fu updated

-Collygon's Poser

Husbando-fu updated

-The Veteran Skin

Immersion updated

-Improved Adoptions

-My Home is Your Home

-Multiple Hearthfire Adoptions

Followers updated

-Ava updated

-Lokir Jurgensen updated

-Cries-At-Night updated

-Kiseenaji updated

-Tsajasuna updated

-Colas Galalem added

-Nita updated

-Rienna added

Quest and lands updated

-Vigilant Voiced - English Addon

-The Hanging Gardens - A Quest

Adobes updated

-Praan Hofkiin

-Aevon-Tor Reloaded

-Ivy Crest

-Belleteyn - Snow Cabin

-Gwynbleidd - Herbalists Hut

-Mona Alta


Graphics updated

-Ebony Weapon Retexture 2017

Armor updated

-UUNP Vanilla & DLC Armors

-Immersive Armors UUNP

-Truly Light Elven UUNP

-Truly Light Glass UUNP


-Made the Armors Section more legiable to see and read.

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