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June 11th Changelog

Perfection Never Dies Edition

Husbando-fu updated


Essential updated

-Multiple Floors Sandboxing

NPCs updated

-Old Gods of the Hunt

Immersion updated

-Art of the Catch

-Daedric Cloaks

-Blanket Scarf

Abodes updated

-Reverent Grotto - Player Home

Graphics updated

-Ash Rocks

Armor updated

-Rogue Blade Armor

-Intriguante's Wear

-Fur Armor Set

-VS Witcher 3 Dandelion Bard Outfit

-Imperial Fine Clothes

-Lind's Standalone Robes Pack 01

Bethesda will be holding their E3 Conference today at 7 pm Pacific. I'll be setting up a shared stream for us. Let's all be disappointed together.

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