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TESG + Zenimax = Bright Future

Hello everyone! Today... I would like to introducing a BRAND NEW program we're going to be rolling out in the coming months. As you might expect, we have high hopes for it. As you MAY have heard, we tried something similar a while back, but it's different this time. World... meet "Tesgeneral Club". Our VALUED consumers, you now have the option to PAY to look at certain pages on the site. You might be saying "hey, those pages are free right now, why would we pay for them?" Let me be perfectly clear here. It's not like we're selling the right to look at the pages. NO no NO my friends. We're providing a service here. A valued service. For years now we've heard people asking "why can't we get PAID for our work?" My friends, we finally listened. It's a new age here at Tesgeneral. These ALL NEW pages, which I might add, must consist of entirely new mods. Our team of HIGHLY skilled interns have handpicked THE BEST new mods and we will be sharing them WITH YOU, the consumer. Here's how it WORKS! We make a contract with the modders listed on the site. They work for us, its not like just anybody can get into this RECLUSIVE program. We at Tesgeneral H A N D pick it which mods show up on the NEW paid programs. It just works. As the years have shown, the people at Tesgeneral are here... for... YOU. The consumer. You can trust that we will make the BEST decisions during this trying time. As a side note, some of the WORLD FAMOUS modders have ALREADY signed on as our very first Sponsors.

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