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June 21st Changelog


-There's a strawpoll question at the bottom.

Wai-fu Guide updated

-SGHair pack 350

NPCs updated

-Land Dreughs- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Followers updated

-Digs-Up-Graves added

-Nadene added

-Nahmai added

-Thorad Maulred added

Quest and lands updated

-Paper Map Addon

Abodes updated

-Shurrashi's Den - Voodoo styled Player Home

Graphics updated

-Staff of Magnus HD

Followers Page Updated

Followers page was split up in 3 letter system for better load times and easier searching.

For everyone who doesn't know. I, Mazetism, took over the site from Guardly back in November of last year. I decided to keep everything here for my first year as admin so people don't go too batshit over a new owner. However as time went on, the site has outgrown it's original purpose as more and more mods come out and people want better features that Wix (the site this is hosted by) can provide. When as time goes on, I will be searching for better providers and create a whole new tesgeneral website for us. I have been asked many times to open up a donate button like Guardly had before. I didn't want to take anyone's money because I like this hobby. I've even been approached for advertisements to be placed on this site and I've turned down every offer. However, I might consider opening up a donate button in the near future. Who knows. I am paying for this out of my pocket as I am finishing up University and it never bothered me. I have been testing several ideas for the past 8 months to see how the General would like it or not. Some succeeded and some outright failed (forum). I try to keep myself open to contacting but it seems people would rather bitch in the threads instead to me directly. I know some of it is shitposting but if you message me your issues, I will try to address them.

My future goals:

Open up a new website for us

Better features than now like full on pages for recommended mods with videos and more than one image with tags included

Open up a server for us to upload our own mods and followers

Better Moderation for these hosted mods

An actual Oblivion moderator.


I've been tossing it around if I should expand to the Fallout games since a lot of us also play those games. I've been getting yes' and no's.

So here is a Strawpoll. I'll keep this up for a while to get a clear answer.


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