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July 6th Changelog


I hope you guys had a great 4th of July like I did. Sorry I haven't been around but I have been playing FFXIV with many other regulars from the General.

Also, as you can tell, the Fallout games will be added to the site. We are hopeful that we can expand to help play most of Bethesda games. Faust has been hired to take care of the Fallout pages. We'd like to add guides for Fallout 3/NV and 4 pages. We'd restrict it to mainly New Vegas because of Tale of Two Wastelands makes 3 better to play.

Also, Beyond Skyrim: Bruma will not be added to the site until it is fully stable to many peoples standards before we can recommend it safely for you.

I am also in the talks with an Oblivion admin prospect. If they are hired, we are set.

For all the people who are disappointed with the site as is right now, I am sorry for any inconveniances you may have. Our hosting site, Wix, is too small for us now. Our subscription is due in November (when I took over the site from Guardly), so I have looked elsewhere and we will be moving off to a new domain site to make bigger and better recommendations for you. Thank you for your time, now here's our mod updates.

Wai-fu Guide updated

-Because Mer Ladies Need Love Too

-UUNP option finally added.

NPCs updated

-Minotaurs - Mihail Monsters and Animals

Followers updated

-Triss updated

-Synthia added

-Theo (19) added

-Lilly Sajnai added

Abodes updated

-Gwent Hearth

-Winter Cove

-Blackfall Estate

-Honeyfrost Retreat

Graphics updated


-HD Meshes and Textures for Animal and Creature Drops

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