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September 2nd Changelog


As you guys can see with the first batch of "DLC" from Creation Club, it is a shit show. Every single mod except for two (The Prey suit and Horse Power Armor (Fuck you)) are already pre-existing mods that you can download off the Nexus and the free ones are still better. So, there goes the argument of Quality Assurance. As you can also tell, getting this from Zix, there is no quality assurance. The "DLC" are broken. All these "DLC" were shown at E3, so they've been sitting on these gold mines for the past couple months. So, get ready for that Dwarven Crab Armor!

For More, check out the video down below. So, if this is the business practices they are going with forward with. This site might become a Morrowind to Skyrim website with no real support for TES VI. As we can see with any update to Creation Club, it replaces your game's exe every time. The great guys at Script Extender can't possibly keep up with FO and we still don't have anything for SKSE64. We're fucked.

Essential updated

-Load Game CTD Fix

Waifu Guide updated

-saLa Hair

-Freckle Mania 2

Immersion updated

-Skyrim Unbound

Quest and Lands updated

-The Seaside Library

Graphics updated

-Majestic Mountains

Armor updated

-Ebony Replacer Revival

-Steel Robe Armor

-Elven Chainmail

-SC - Witch of the Wilds

Weapons updated

-Drunkzealot's somewhat historically accurate weapons 1.43

Waifus Updated

-Moved CBBE to unrecommended with possible deletion in future.

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