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It's been six years since Skyrim was born and blessed all our lives. And with the VR version just out, we don't even know when this train ride will ever end as we're still playing this awaiting for Elder Scrolls VI.

Wai-fu Updated

-The Witcher 3 Eyes


-El's Face Stuff

-The Neith Tean Warpaints Set

-KS Crazy Hair

Poser-fu updated

-Render Poses

Followers updated

-Ava updated

-Ada added

-Rienna updated

-Kaarina updated

Immersion Updated

-Realistic Animation Project

- Idles


- Spell Casting Animations Abodes updated

-Winterhold Shelter Graphics updated

-DK's Realistic and Lore-Friendly Nord Ships

Armor updated

-Semi-Open Guard Helmets

-Relic of the Crusader

-Reinforced Ebony Armor

Also, I will be graduating University next month. That means I will be moving to a new platform for the site. I hope you guys look forward to it.

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