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December 20th Changelog

Hey guys, its me Mazetism. The Asshole everyone doesn't know exists. Well, I finally graduated University. You know what that means?! Soon, the site will finally have its overhaul. Don't expect it so soon though. Gotta get money to afford the new site and *cough* server *cough* But that's enough of me. Time to get on with what you only come here for.

Dwemer Editi

Essentials updated

-Which quest's item

- Show quest item owner (SKSE)

Gameplay updated

-Deadly Spell Impacts

Immersion updated

-Symphonies of Skyrim

-Bard Instrumentals Only - Sing Upon Request

Followers updated

-Narita Added

-Legato Added

-Haar updated

-Aylen updated

-Cheyenne updated

NPCs Updated

-The Blood Horker (Bloodmoon Creature Restoration Project)

Graphics updated


-Blended Roads

-Terrain Lod Redone

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